Moviesflix Pro — Best Place to Watch Bollywood Movies

Moviesflix Pro is a free public torrent pirated website where people can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies with understandable subtitle language. The site was established in 2011 with the core content of Malayalam movies. But today, it has movies and series of every genre of all streaming platforms ranging from Netflix to Disney+ to Amazon Prime. It is a fabled website known for releasing theatre movies and OTT releases on its website, implying a large picture collection. India is a nation where movies and series can be accessed feasibly through pirated sites like moviesflix Pro despite several government authorities’ rules and regulations. Moviesflix helps in updating its users with the latest movies and series available on different streaming platforms. (more…)

Vietnam Best Websites to Watch Movies Online Free in 2020

Cinema has changed the entire landscape of entertainment through diversified content ranging from sensitive love stories to patriotic biopics to documentaries to crime series. Films and series have become so popular that people tend to live in the stories and finish them in one go, i.e., binge-watching. They have become so engaging that people cannot resist the release of the next seasons. The series becomes a trending hashtag on Twitter, and the characters become a trending personality on Instagram. (more…)

Top 10 Actors Who Turned Into Great Directors

Many actors have dreams of going behind the camera, but not all of them can paint the story like magic. They might be versatile and famous movie stars, admired for their phenomenal works in great movies but being a director requires a wholly different skillset. Directing actors is not just about taking the director’s seat and calling the shots. (more…)