Cinema has changed the entire landscape of entertainment through diversified content ranging from sensitive love stories to patriotic biopics to documentaries to crime series. Films and series have become so popular that people tend to live in the stories and finish them in one go, i.e., binge-watching. They have become so engaging that people cannot resist the release of the next seasons. The series becomes a trending hashtag on Twitter, and the characters become a trending personality on Instagram.

Online movies, in this coronavirus pandemic, have seen tremendous growth and popularity in terms of viewership. Due to restrictions in theatrical movie releases, production houses have shifted their focus to OTT platforms. Movie streaming, in today’s world, is mostly visible on online platforms.

Apart from these chargeable online film streaming platforms, several free online movie streaming platforms give its audience an option to view all movies and series in different qualities for free. These platforms do not require anything to download; one can watch these free movies anytime. These online movie platforms are not only convenient but also reduces the cost of entertainment. People should watch movies online on these free film streaming platforms as they give access to all movie platforms’ diversified content without any charge.

Let’s have a look at some best websites to watch movies online for free on Vietnamese platforms:


People tend to feel relaxed by watching movies after long hours of work exertion. But most of them remain confused regarding where to watch free movies with minimum interruptions. Vietnamese platform Luxycine is one of the best free movie streaming platforms, which provides all the latest movies and series of all genres in full HD quality. The movies offered by Luxycine are 90% accurate as per its vietsub team. However, it can still retain the actions and wordings of the actor, thus maintaining a proper synchronization between the speech and actions, which gives the viewer a real experience of the movie. The best feature of this film streaming platform is that people from diverse backgrounds can learn and witness different world languages, mainly American English and Standard English. Luxycine is a great platform for a person who wants to experience the best movies with the best quality.

Pros and Cons:

  • Luxycine keeps on updating its website with the latest movies from all around the globe.
  • It has all the movies in HD quality, which offers a positive experience.
  • It has a good display page with a dark tone, which is fascinating to see.
  • The website’s privacy policy is not so good as it takes the customers’ personal information, which can be used for wrong purposes.
Luxycine — Website to Watch Movies Online Free
Luxycine website homepage


Ohfim, the free online movie streaming platform of Vietnam, offers some of the best movies from diverse countries of different genres with the good video quality. One can watch thousands of free movies ranging from Hollywood Blockbusters to Korean love dramas at this film streaming platform. All movies have captions in different languages, with the Vietnamese vietsub best. There is a vivid sound with sharp images in the movies, making it more lively and real. Ohfim also allows its users to download the movies for free with diverse qualities.

Pros and Cons:

  • The movie transmission speed of Ohfim is very fast.
  • Updated website with new movies daily.
  • A beautiful easy-to-see interface with favorite movie titles
  • Though the option of comments in the movies is good for public reviews, there can be communal or religious hatred views that can degrade people’s reliability over Ohfim.
Ohfim — Website to Watch Movies Online Free
The main page of Ohfim online movie service

Phim HD online

Phim HD is one of the best online movie platforms that offers various free movies ranging from drama and adventure to action and love stories. One can easily watch these movies from any phone or laptop, or computer. What makes this platform stand out from the others is its vivid sound quality, clear image quality, and constant transmission speed. The best thing about Phim HD online is watching movies without any interruptions with minimum advertisements. Phim HD online provides content in various forms like TV Shows, series, documentaries, etc. Moreover, it offers movies with diverse genres like education, action, etc. It mainly covers movies and series from Asian cinema and European cinema.

Pros and Cons:

  • It offers sharp image quality, which makes the movies more lively and real.
  • Unlike other film streaming platforms, Phim HD online does not show multiple advertisements to give the viewer an enjoyable minimum break experience.
  • The users shall not click any other links in the web site’s comment section to avoid the risk of hacking of private data.
Phim hd online — Website to Watch Movies Online Free
Phim hd online homepage


Phimhay889 is another such platform of Vietnam which provides online movies to its viewers for free with the good video quality. The team of Phimhay889 has a goal to become a part of the top 10 online movie streaming websites in Vietnam and the world also. The website offers approximately 10000+ films worldwide in different genres such as American Action Movies, Comedy Films, Chinese Historical and Chivalry films, Korean dramas, Hong Kong Martial Arts, and many more. Phimhay889 does not bother its users with many advertisements that would disrupt their life experience of the film. It also includes download movies, a full HD version of the movie, a day and night movie, etc.

Pros and Cons:

  • Phimhay889 keeps on updating its platform with new features and movies from all around the world.
  • Limited advertisements do not interrupt the users while they are busy watching free movies.
  • The platform has a good transmission speed with excellent video quality to ensure the viewers’ positive experience.
  • The viewership of the content is mainly restricted to Vietnam. It does not have a global outreach to enhance its content and users.
Phimhay889 — Website to Watch Movies Online Free
The best Eating movie at Phimhay889


Vietsubtv8 is one of the fascinating online movie platforms available in Vietnam. It has collaborations with many other movie streaming platforms such as, built. Tv, bongngo. Tv, vung. Tv etc., which helps in improving the quality of the platform. It displays movies in a variety of genres such as adventure, action, love dramas, etc. Vietsubtv8 has one of the best HD quality movies with vivid sound, good images that offer a positive experience. It showcases movies of different cultures with diversified content. This Vietnamese platform has a good user interface with movies of different languages such as American English, Standard English, Vietnamese, etc.

Pros and Cons:

  • Diversified content with different languages.
  • Good transmission speed with HD quality movies to offer a vivid experience to the viewers.
  • Vietsubtv8 has good searching options to choose the best movie to watch, such as movie ratings, reviews, number of views, stars, etc.
  • The website does not have an attractive display page.
  • The website does not hold any commitment and responsibility for the loss or hack of its users’ data.
Vietsubtv8 — Website to Watch Movies Online Free
The homepage of Vietsubtv8 site


With the film industry’s growth, there has been significant growth in the production of the number of movies and series in the cinema or the OTT platforms. Thus, it becomes important for consumers to understand what genres and what quality of movies they should watch. For checking the quality of the movies, several reviews are published in the newspapers and online websites daily. These reviews help the viewer identify the level of content, the movie’s storyline, and their fascination with the movie. It helps the viewer in determining whether they should watch the movie or not.

The importance of watching these online movies on free platforms is indispensable from the viewer’s perspective. These platforms offer a good video quality (HD or Ultra HD) with minimum advertisements to offer the public an enriched experience of the movie. Unlike theatres and Over the Top (OTT) platforms, these platforms are available on the internet free of cost with no subscriptions and membership fees. Another essential benefit of these free online movie streaming platforms is that they provide all the countries’ content. All movies, series, TV Shows, documentaries, and biopics are easily available on these platforms. Unlike theatres, the user can watch any movie or show anytime on these film streaming platforms for free of cost without traveling and bookings.

Moreover, cinema plays an important role in a man’s life, be it theatres or online movies. The story, acting, and the movie’s flow create a huge impact on the viewer’s mind. Movies can generate diverse emotions in a person’s life. Movies have shaped the entire thinking process of people regarding any schedule or portfolio. Movies are a good entertainment source for all the working class who, after a hectic day, can relax at the end of the day. They are a mode of relaxation for kids who enjoy watching their superstars acting in the movies.


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