Netflix is not just an online streaming platform anymore. It has become a part of our life. With the constant binging of web series and movies, we may forget to appreciate its beauty.

Some movies are streamed on many platforms, including Netflix. In comparison, many original movies are released on Netflix. These are called as the Netflix Originals.

The Netflix Originals comprises of all web series, documentaries, and movies. These entertaining shows are either produced or commissioned by Netflix. Netflix might have bought the rights of these shows and films too.

The Netflix shows and movie library has multiple options. If you are bored in this lockdown and have a Netflix subscription, here are some suggestions!

So here we are with the best five and the worst five original movies by Netflix.

The best five Netflix Original movies that won hearts worldwide:

  • The Irishman

What happens if a movie buff hears that Robert de Niro and Al Pacino have been cast in a movie? Well, they might not be able to express their excitement. This 2019 film was nominated for Oscars for its brilliant concept.

Many other veteran actors like Joe Pesci are a part of this Martin Scorsese film. This crime thriller follows the journey of how a truck driver ends up in the world of crime and violence. There is also a touch of politics in it.

  • Marriage Story

If you like to watch typical romantic movies, then you might not like this one. ‘Marriage Story’ has a deep meaning. The story is touching, and not to forget the amazing casting. Noam Baumbach makes sure we are engaged at all times.

This Oscar-nominated film is about how an actress (Scarlett Johansson) and a theatre director (Adam Driver) struggle with their relationship, followed by several emotional consequences.

See Driver and Johansson in this realistic concept that shows the effects of divorce and separation.

  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

James Franco with a rope around his neck, saying, “First time?”. Well, we have all seen this meme trending over the internet. The origin of that meme is a scene from this Coen Brothers film “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.”

The anthology movie is one of the most popular Netflix originals for a reason. Six short films make up the plot of the movie. We get to see western quirkiness and the whole journey.

If you are on for some fun and violence-filled drama, then this movie is for you. So put on your cowboy hats and get ready for this unique concept.

  • Extraction

Netflix has shown us Chris Hemsworth’s capability via their original thriller ‘Extraction.’ This 2020 film was quite popular in the Netflix community for being the MOST WATCHED film.

The plot revolves around a journey of a mercenary (played by Hemsworth) and a crime lord’s kidnapped son. The mercenary has been hired to rescue the latter, but the task is not as easy as it seems.

This action-packed Netflix original has not just broken records but also won hearts.

  • Dolemite is my name

With Eddie Murphy’s portrayal of Rudy Ray Moore says it all. As the movie name suggests, Dolemite is what the movie is all about. Dolemite is a popular character that Moore was known for. The beautiful execution by Eddie Murphy helps us understand how stand-up comedian Moore struggled with this rebellious character in him.

Along with amazing ratings, this movie also has positive reviews. So get ready for an adventure with Eddie Murphy!

The worst Netflix originals that ended up disappointing the audience:

  • The true memoirs of an international assassin

This 2016 film featuring Kevin James, Andy Garcia, and Zulay Henao was released on Netflix. Unfortunately, the audience did not enjoy this comedy film. The concept of the film about mistaken identity made it very obvious.

With bad critic reviews, the supposed action movie was unable to impress the viewers.

James played the role of the author mistaken to be an assassin but watching the film might also be a mistake.

  • The Ridiculous 6

Adam Sandler never fails to impress us with his amazing acting skills and comic timing. But not every actor is perfect. ‘The Ridiculous 6’ may not have an impressing storyline. The plot of the movie tells us how an orphan meets his long lost half brothers, and they all go on to save their father.

Twilight fame Taylor Lautner played one of those half brothers. But no werewolf could have saved the average concept, racist dialogues, and silly comedy that this film provides.

There are moments where sexist comments are often made. Also, it is considered to be a parody of ‘Magnificient Seven.’

  • Father of the year

This movie is produced by Happy Madison films (founded by Adam Sandler). The production house is not liked by critics because of a few failures at making good comedy films. Likewise, even ‘Father of the year’ left unwanted reviews behind it.

With David Spade as one of the dads, the film did not impress any critics.

If you want to see a comedy movie for fun, you might go for this one. But real movie buffs might end up not liking it. There may be a few moments where you feel like laughing, but the overall film disappoints.

  • Naked

A romantic movie filled with comedy is a popular genre. But this movie fails to impress. The movie plot revolves around a guy (portrayed by Marlon Wayans) caught in a time loop which is unable to reach his wedding. The movie title describes the situation in which he ends up every time the time loop starts again.

This film is not just poorly executed but lacks a lot of other important factors. Time loop movies can be fun, but the story should be fun and interesting.

Known for starring in parody movies, Wayans does not live up to our expectations.

  • The kissing booth

This romantic comedy film by Netflix may have a huge fanbase, but the movie is not that good. With typical high school drama, the story fails to impress the viewers.

Netflix surely has come up with few rom-com movies based on school kids, but this one is not liked by movie enthusiasts.

It really depends on what you want to watch. But the sexist concepts and usual teenage cringe stories are not popular anymore!

But, the low ratings and negative reviews give a clear understanding of its storyline.

Coming to a conclusion

The popularity of some of the movies in the second part might make some fans angry. But the whole review is totally based on personal experiences and genuine reviews.

Movies of all types are fun to watch, but the concepts behind them should be thought-provoking. Some movies miss the wow factor by just some points. At the same time, some films leave a lifelong impression!

Netflix has produced some of the best and, unfortunately, some of the worst films of all time!


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