The slight earlier years of Hollywood saw a lot of science fiction movies coming up. The popular ones like Blade Runner did impress a lot of curious minds with its mystery-filled story.

With shocking conspiracy theories becoming popular, the TV series prophecies are also coming into the picture. Many TV series and films that predicted various happenings and phenomenons even came true.

The most popular TV series prophecies might be the episodes of Simpsons. Not just the fans, but people worldwide found this logical.

Sometimes these TV series prophecies become very scary when it comes true. Imagine that few prophecies in movies.

Which TV series and films predicted future outcomes?

So here we are with five TV series prophecies and five prophecies in movies that predicted the future:

  • Movie: Blade Runner (1982)

    • Prediction: Video calling would be easily accessible
    • This movie starring Harrison Ford was one of the greatest films of that era. The reason behind its popularity and success being the storyline.
    • Who knew in 1982 that video calling would be an important and easily available facility in the future. It existed back in the years but was more of a luxury.
  • TV Series: Legends of Chamberlain Heights

    • Prediction: Helicopter crash with Kobe Bryant in it
    • The original episode ‘End of Days’ was aired on November 16, 2016, later canceled in 2020.
    • It was canceled because of the shocking prediction made about Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash way back in 2016. In the episode, Kobe safely moves out of the helicopter, though.
    • But this left a mystery and became very infamous. The issue was quite a controversy in January of 2020 after Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash along with his young daughter.
  • Movie: Star Wars (1977)

    • Prediction: The use of Holograms
    • When this famous sci-fi film was released, people used to wonder what the image was produced in the film.
    • It looked absurd and weird due to the lack of technological advancements. Nowadays, even a child knows what a hologram is and how images can be manipulated. The hologram is now used for live screening in public when a person or entity cannot be there live.
  • TV Series: Simpsons

    • Prediction: Donald Trump winning the US Presidential elections
    • In 2016, it was indeed a shock to many State citizens when Trump was elected as the POTUS. But with time, people digested the fact. The thing that Simpson fans and pop culture enthusiasts could not digest was that Simpsons around 16 years ago predicted this Trump phenomenon.
    • Yes! One of the episodes named ‘Bart to the Future’ shows Trump as the President. The writers of the show had written this episode as a funny and impossible situation. But we all know what happened and how it has been going on!
  • Movie: Blade Runner (1982)

    • Prediction: The flying cars!
    • Yes, this fantasy of having a flying car has been revolving in our heads for years! But unfortunately, this prediction did not turn true as of now. There might be a possibility of flying cars getting developed, but this invention has a long way to go.
    • Flying cars may be invented, but it would be more of a special item that only the privileged class can afford.
    • The interiors of the flying cars in Blade Runner were similar to an airplane cockpit, and it had various gadgets in it. It was one of the prophecies in movies that could be true now.
  • TV Series: Parks and Recreation

    • Prediction: Lifting off the Cubs Curse (Cubs winning the world series)
    • The Cubs were trolled heavily for years because of its inability to win the world series. The comedy TV Show predicted the winner of the 2016 world series.
    • In the 22nd episode of Season 4, the producers decided to put this supposedly impossible scene of Cubs winning, but a year later, it came out to be true!
    • The scene might have cheered up the Chicago Cubs so much that it led to its win, maybe! This prediction episode was aired in 2015, and the prediction came true in the 2016 world series finale.
    • This USA Today article how the producer Michael Schur’s calculated scene became a hit after a year.
  • Movie: Back to the Future (1985)

    • Prediction: Drone technology and thin screen cameras
    • If you wonder what thin screened or flat cameras mean these days, you might consider checking what is lying in your hands or pockets all day. Yes! The smartphones that we used nowadays have flat screens with cameras in-built withing them.
    • Also, the flying drone shots that make an aerial shot look magnificent were popular prophecies in movies like Back to the future. Since drones are used very often are easily available, it is no longer a specialty as such.
  • TV Series: Simpsons

    • Prediction: Ebola outbreak was supposedly predicted!
    • Seventeen years before the Ebola outbreak, the Simpsons had predicted the phenomenon.
    • The outbreak in 2014 killed many innocent people and was very dangerous. In the episode ‘Lisa’s Sax,’ they showed the Ebola virus’s spread as a major issue that covered headlines.
  • Movie: Die Another Day (2002)

    • Prediction: The famous invisible car used by Agent 007
    • This Bond film featuring Pierce Brosnan showed an Aston Martin that could turn invisible using the camouflage technique.
    • Nowadays, many military forces use the concept of camouflage to hide from enemy attacks. So such films that predicted such inventions gave a lot of ideas to inventors.
  • TV Series: Friends

    • Prediction: Social media sites that could connect the people worldwide
    • Remember the episode where Ross whines about his school batchmates not remembering him? The site they use to connect with their batchmates becomes a way of communication between their old buddies.
    • Though in 2003, when the episode launched, there was no such site. But a year later, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. Who knew that this popular sitcom could predict Facebook, that supposedly prophecies in movies could not do.

Movie Prophecies: A Conclusion

The films that predicted future outcomes may not have been very accurate, but it is surely a thoughtful process on how it was possible. There is a huge possibility that it was sheer luck. But there are two sides to these prophecies in movies theory. First is the luck factor, and the other side can be something unknown and mysterious to us.

This article will give you an insight into prophecies in movies, that is, some films that predicted future events.


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